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What do you need this application for?

Catch Cheaters

We know it may hurt, but it is crucial that you discover if your spouse is dishonest with you. In favor of your physical well-being and self-respect, you have to learn if your partner is cheating or not. It has become fairly easy to spy on your husband or wife’s mobile phone to disclose their hidden life.

Protect Children

Nowadays any parents strive to control their child’s daily routines. How did they get to and from school? What are they doing at the moment? Where are they now? Who do they communicate with via mobile? Find out with SpyStealth.

Monitor Employees

Providing your employees with corporate mobile devices for business use, you stay constantly informed about what is happening in the company. You can be aware of what emails and files are sent and received or what projects are maintained.

Geo Fencing

Our mobile software is perfectly useful when it comes to geographical localization of a target. With its help you are able not only to observe the user’s course of movements, but save tracking history and identify the actual location of who you are spying on.

SpyStealth keeps most logs, nothing will go unnoticed

SpyStealth is available for your iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s compatible with all iOS & Android devices!


and more other messengers and services

  • Text Messages All messages are being logged. The fact, that logs on the gadget may even be deleted by the user, does not prevent you from disclosing what they are texting about. You receive the complete text of a message.

  • E-mail Track all incoming and outgoing emails operated via the major email account.

  • Social Networks Monitor events and messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter messaging apps. *Facebook and WhatsApp works for iOS and Android-based devices only. *Twitter functions for Android-rooted devices only.

  • Gmail Inspect Gmail letters’ dates, inbound and outbound addresses, subjects and complete texts. *Works for iPhone and Android-based devices only.

  • Call History Time and duration of all received and dialed numbers are recorded. Works for iOS and Android-based devices.

  • Messengers Keep a record of all messenger events from BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo, Gtalk, and AOL.

  • ContactsAll old and freshly added contacts can be observed by the subscriber. Works for iOS and Android-based devices.

Available on all major platforms


SpyStealth is a faultless solution for everyone who wishes to supervise mobile Internet activity of a spouse, employee or child. It is an open fact that current technology allows us to access the Internet from almost anywhere, including work, school, outdoor areas, etc. That is why it’s essential to protect your family from irrelevant and inappropriate content. SpyStealth allows you to remotely observe complete Internet activity on your family member’s cell phone or tablet to make sure they are safe in terms of information they receive.

GPS Locations

Your family just needs to stay in touch. Isn’t it great to be confirmed that your children or employees get to and from appointed locations, be it a swimming pool or a business meeting? What if your husband or wife sets off somewhere else but work in the morning? What if your child kicks his or her heels in the neighborhood instead of having piano lessons? SpyStealth will give you the answer to these and much more other questions.

Media Files

Observe old and freshly taken photos and videos from target devices. We are convinced that it is always better to prevent your child from uploading pictures which reveal their (and your!) personal life. In the morning your son or daughter post a photo of their new PC and gadgets, using social media like Facebook; in the evening they boast of a dad’s expensive car on Instagram. These data can be used against your family making it vulnerable to various social-media threats. Enabled to view media files of your spouse, you are always ready to detect if something wrong is happening, and consequently start an immediate action to resolve the issue. As for business and corporate use, instant file receiving keeps you up to date with the company’s affairs, additionally helping you to make sure your team is completely devoted to the business.

What makes SpyStealth the best mobile spy software?

Easy-to-use, multifunctional and reliable – our spy app is an irreplaceable assistant in family, love and business affairs.


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